03. März 2019
Wir freuen uns Euch das neue Album von THE UNIVERSE BY EAR vorzustellen, dass bei Sireena Records erscheint. Die drei Schweizer waren im letzten Jahr mit uns zusammen auf Tour, und da haben wir uns angefreundet. Nette Jungs, sehr coole Mucke! We are pleased to introduce the new album of THE UNIVERSE BY EAR, which will be released at Sireena Records. The three Swiss guys were on tour with us last year, and we made friends there. Nice guys, very cool music!
29. Januar 2019

23. Dezember 2018
20. Dezember 2018

16. Oktober 2018
30. September 2018
Cool and detailed review by Gary Hill at Music Street Journal, USA:! Link

23. September 2018
Electric Family members Tom "The Perc" Redecker, Harry Payuta and Jochen Schoberth confirm 3 shows on the occasion of the release of their new CD in October. Get them!
07. September 2018
FIne review on our album "The Long March" in Summer issue of US-Prog Magazine PROGRESSION!

25. August 2018
To be released in October 2018!!! "Sun Temple Circus" by the same called Electric Family-side project feat. Tom "The Perc" Redecker, Harry Payuta, Jochen Schoberth and Peter Apel will be published on CD. Psychedelia meets Ethno - a amazing mixture! The CD comes with two bonus tracks that have been recorded while the latest tour of the band in 2014.. Keep your eyes on the ball!!
23. Juni 2018

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