21. August 2019
Interview with The Perc and review on "Tender" in German music magazine ECLIPSED, issue September 2019
05. August 2019
Welcome to The Electric Family! Stefan Strittmatter and Pascal Grünenfelder from the Switzerland based band THE UNIVERSE BY EAR play on the new Family album. So cool!

03. Juli 2019
02. Juli 2019
Recording session for the upcoming studio album by THE ELECTRIC FAMILY with Milla Kapolke (ex-Grobschnitt, Green), Rolf Möller (ex-Grobschnitt, Extrabreit, Green), Deva Tattva (ex-Grobschnitt, Green), Manu & Madita Kapolke (Green) and Tom 'The Perc' Redecker at Schallsucht Studio, Hagen.

16. Juni 2019
15. Juni 2019
Notes from the past. Fantastic review in ROLLING STONE in 1999, when "Tender" officially was released

13. Mai 2019
31. März 2019
ELECTRIC FAMILY-mastermind Tom "The Perc" Redecker presents Vol. 7 of his archive release series THE ELECTRIC KINDERGARTEN. It's called "The Best Of Carola" and will appear in a limited edition of 500 copies! Link

03. März 2019
Wir freuen uns Euch das neue Album von THE UNIVERSE BY EAR vorzustellen, dass bei Sireena Records erscheint. Die drei Schweizer waren im letzten Jahr mit uns zusammen auf Tour, und da haben wir uns angefreundet. Nette Jungs, sehr coole Mucke! We are pleased to introduce the new album of THE UNIVERSE BY EAR, which will be released at Sireena Records. The three Swiss guys were on tour with us last year, and we made friends there. Nice guys, very cool music!
29. Januar 2019

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