21. Mai 2020
Sad news! Unfortunately, the situation caused by Corona does not allow us to celebrate together our planned party on August 16 to release our new album "Echoes don't lie". It's a pity! The album itself will be released on August 14th on CD / LP by Sireena Records. By July It will be decided whether the tour planned for November 2020 will take place. Hard times! Stay healthy! Schlechte Nachricht! Leider lässt die durch Corona bedingte Situation es nicht zu, dass wir am 16. August zusammen eine...
18. Mai 2020
Welcome Mr. Roman Bunka, who's playing a fantastic Oud part on our upcoming studio album "Echoes Don't Lie"! Thanks Roman!

16. Februar 2020
Welcome to The Electric Family! We are glad that MARLON KLEIN (Dissidenten, Pili Pili etc.) is playing drums on our upcoming studio album! Great guy, cool guy!
11. Januar 2020
Out now! "What Is In Your Head, Fred", our first sngle from the upcoming studio album (Release May/June 2020). A dark song about Fred, who's sitting a a madhouse and thinking about his life. The Dark side of The Family! Here's your way to Spotify, Deezer & CO. Link

06. Oktober 2019
News from our studio recordings! Welcome BUBI HÖNIG, extraordinary guitarist from bands like EXTRABREIT and GREEN, who played his guitar parts at Schallsucht Studio Hagen. Great guy, we are glad to have him on board!
21. August 2019
Interview with The Perc and review on "Tender" in German music magazine ECLIPSED, issue September 2019

05. August 2019
Welcome to The Electric Family! Stefan Strittmatter and Pascal Grünenfelder from the Switzerland based band THE UNIVERSE BY EAR play on the new Family album. So cool!
03. Juli 2019

02. Juli 2019
Recording session for the upcoming studio album by THE ELECTRIC FAMILY with Milla Kapolke (ex-Grobschnitt, Green), Rolf Möller (ex-Grobschnitt, Extrabreit, Green), Deva Tattva (ex-Grobschnitt, Green), Manu & Madita Kapolke (Green) and Tom 'The Perc' Redecker at Schallsucht Studio, Hagen.
16. Juni 2019

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